Whether it’s recommending Jim Beam to customers or a great bottle display, you can gain points that could add up to a big experience for your bar and team members.

Outlets will be split into 3 separate leagues (aimed to match outlets of similar size):
* Jacob * James * Fred
In order to better prepare everyone, you’ll also learn about the Jim Beam family story and brand, as well as how to serve bourbon the Jim Beam way.


Mystery shoppers will visit your outlet 4 times per month and will score your performance via a website ( . Outlets are scored on availability of the brand in the back bar, presence in the menu ,back bar creative displays, brand visibility at the outlet through premium POSM, and bartender recommendation.


There will be instant rewards issued to bartenders on recommendation of Jim Beam drinks.

There will be monthly rewards for the following criteria:

Top performing bars

Jim Beam cocktail of the month

In addition to the monthly awards, there will be an annual reward for the top performing outlet which will include a trip to The Jim Beam distillery in Kentucky.

There will be a winner chosen from each of the 3 leagues (based on highest scores). Every winning bar will have theoutlet manager/bar owner, 1 chosen bartender and a Key Account Manager fromAfrican and Eastern (Dubai distributor partner) who will get an opportunity to visit the distillery as part of their winning prize.